What do you see in your video headend?

July 22, 2014 admin

Does your monitoring system measure up?

The headend is the nerve center of your operation and is inextricably linked to your subscribers’ viewing experience; problems arising here have the potential to aggravate every viewer. With cord cutting already an issue in the industry, every effort must be made to maintain the loyalty of your customers. So when quality issues on the incoming feeds directly impact the quality of service, you have a problem. Your team needs to be able to immediately detect, troubleshoot, and understand the root cause in order to minimize disruption to the viewer. And to do this, you need a killer monitoring solution.

The headend environment is complex. It has several stream and transformation steps affecting the service quality and integrity of the video on different levels. Without a sophisticated monitoring and quality assurance strategy to avert issues, customer satisfaction levels can plummet before you can say “Bit Error Rate!” An intelligent monitoring solution enables you to efficiently oversee and analyze the end-to-end delivery of video in order to rapidly detect problems, react immediately, and ensure the quality of service your subscribers expect.

William Richey, CEO of Indiana-based ACME Communications, knows that, without powerful monitoring capabilities, providing a quality experience isn’t easy. He says, “We were tired of having to go to each individual box and checking the logs to see where the problems were.”

A monitoring powerhouse: Inca’s All Seeing Eye (ASE)

At Inca, we build visibility and intelligence into every product. Our monitoring solution is no exception. We understand how frustrating it is to wonder, “What system is that on?” or to endlessly search spreadsheets for management addresses. The Inca All Seeing Eye provides sophisticated visual monitoring and an overview mosaic of all the IP video streams in your headend—even streams generated by other vendors’ equipment.

Team members can interactively oversee the entire network—thumbnails of all the video from ASI outports, off-air outputs, GigE outputs—in real-time, using any web browser. All of the information you need to monitor and manage the headend is at your fingertips. The All Seeing Eye also enables efficient headend troubleshooting, by rolling up alarms from all systems in one place to help you quickly track down where stream impairments are introduced.

“Inca enables us to monitor and manage our system from a single central location. And I can see a lot more details in the streams with Inca’s equipment than I could with the competitors’ gear. Overall, they’ve made it significantly easier for us to troubleshoot problems, without having to buy third-party equipment,” says Richey.

Is your video headend monitoring solution giving you the full picture?

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