The Future is Modular

June 24, 2014 admin

How are you differentiating yourself?

With cord cutting and tightening purse strings defining the pay-TV landscape, competition for video subscribers is heating up—and its putting pressure on prices. Subscribers are looking for more—a wider variety of channels, high definition TV (HDTV), video on demand (VoD), or other new interactive TV (iTV) services—in order to justify the premium prices.

In addition to a wider range of offerings, consumers want the ability to use multiple devices to view video content. While the majority of video is still watched on a linear basis (or recorded on DVR), multiscreen delivery is an emerging trend that cannot be ignored. Indeed, the way we access and consume content is slowly becoming more nomadic in time and location, with an expectation of “any content, on any screen, at any time.”

Finding ways to stand out against the competition, while affordably delivering your video content across various platforms and devices, is critical to profitability. To achieve this end, an efficient, scalable solution for delivering an ever-increasing quantity of media to a variety of screens is required.

Build your future on a modular platform

A smart way to both meet consumer demand for differentiated offerings and smoothly introduce new services is to implement a modular, scalable video headend. Implementing a modular architecture gives you the flexibility and features you need today—plus the ability to seamlessly and cost-effectively expand and add new capabilities as consumer expectations evolve.

Inca has always been committed to providing the tools to make our customers’ jobs easier. In 2012, when we recognized that our customers needed more flexibility and scalability in their video equipment, we began the design evolution of the 4400 from purpose-built individual products to an advanced modular platform.

We have developed a unique solution that marries the flexibility and power of software with the convenience and simplicity of modular hardware. The end result is a flexible, scalable video delivery solution that ensures a high-quality video experience across all consumer devices.

Next-generation: The Inca Modular Platform – 4400

How do you intelligently optimize the format, resolution and bit rate of large numbers of live satellite, IP and off-air digital sources for delivery to set-top boxes or multiscreen devices? Inca’s 4400 series is a powerful, modular platform for intelligent video delivery.

We have designed our equipment with an incredible amount of latent firepower and capacity—extra processing power, extra memory, extra network throughput, extra storage—to provide a previously unknown level of agility, visibility, and control. With streamlined operation and configuration of the system, you can be up and running in minutes. And thanks to its modular architecture with a choice of three base chassis, transcode modules, and front-ends, you get to configure the most cost-effective solution for your density requirements.

Bruce Buchanan, Senior Network Architect at Nexicom, says, “The 4400 is the corner stone of our new hybrid interactive IP/QAM headend. We chose Inca and the 4400 series because of the breadth of the product they offered, the extensive VidiOS monitoring and analytics, and the price.”

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